From the Author/Illustrator:

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The idea for this book had its humble beginnings many years ago. I was then living in a rural village in upstate New York at the edge of fields and forests. It was there, during the long, cold and lonely winters, that I resorted to many hours of the fine art of daydreaming…


The image of a beautiful young girl kept coming into my mind. She was wild and free, running over fields and through the pine forest. Her long, loose hair was flying with the breeze. She wore a light, flowing dress, her hair adorned with wildflowers. She was always barefoot, regardless of the season. Occasionally she stopped to gather more wildflowers and branches and sang a sweet melody as she danced on. She did not seem to have a care in the world – only joy!


More and more I realized this was really a fairytale that I had to write, so I set out to write the story of “Rosabella.” The words came very easily, since I dared to imagine that I was, or wanted to be, this beautiful, free child of nature.


In addition, I had to improve my illustrating skills, since I saw all of the pictures so clearly in my mind. Today, I have done several hundred various illustrations and I am still in awe when I can transform a blank, white page into a magical world to enter and dream… 


I hope that you, the reader, young and young at heart, can find the joy and inspiration that “Rosabella” has been to me!