A message to parents from the President of the Profant Foundation:

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It has been my pleasure to be a part of the production of “Rosabella” the book, ballet, and film. Years of thought went into the writing and illustrations done by a local artist, Gabriele de Ginant. Additional years of thought and research went into the ballet by choreographer Francisco Martinez. Now that our Foundation is at the threshold of a general presentation to the public, I am poised to explain the story and its ramifications for parents as well as children and the media.


Rosabella emerges as a natural being “gifted” by each of the Elements. She is happy and dances her way through the seasons enjoying every natural river, lake, mountain, animal, bug, and blade of grass. As she grows older, over the centuries, she notices a lack in her life─perhaps a reason or a path. So she sets out to find a dream by asking all the beings in all of nature what she should do. Dissatisfied with their suggestions, or lack thereof, she learns what each “Season” dreams of and is planning to perform. Old Father Winter offers her eternal life, and she realizes she IS her dream. Her maturity shows as she settles down to live in a cottage, and decorates it as she makes a secret wish. Of course her wish comes true!


For all of us this is allegorical; we are born free to experience life from our innocence to maturity. Along the way we forget to dream and fail to realize that when one dream vanishes, or is fulfilled, we need to replace it.

None of the above is intended to eclipse reality or be confused with religious beliefs. So relax, settle down, and read to a child of the wonderful world about her. Point out the pretty scenes, charming flowers, and cute animals. But do remember to explain the gist of life: carefree growth and development, self-sustaining maturity, and a reciprocal wish in marriage. Your home, no matter how humble, will be your castle.


Enjoy, dream on, find, follow and live your dream!