An invitation into the author’s garden:

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Illustration of Rosabella Dancing in the Autumnal forest from page 25 of the bookGabriele de Ginant finds much of her inspiration and motivation to create stories & illustrations from the beauty found outside.
Join us as she gives us a tour into her private garden:


Good morning, and welcome to my beautiful garden… I love gardening, and spending time outside. I have the same philosophy for outdoors as indoors – music, flowers and candles!


These first pictures show the view when I just
Photo of Gabriele's Patio, version 1step outside my backdoor:

a large brick patio, a pergola with climbing wisteria and small fragrant pink roses.


Photo of Gabriele's Patio, version 2








Photo of Gabriele near her Bird BathThen a brick walkway takes me to one of my two rose gardens, with the birdbath surrounded by violet petunias and salvias.





Photo of Gabriele tending to her roses


This is a photo taken in my second rose garden which surrounds my “Tuscan Patio.” It is a golden flagstone area with yet another small fountain and an olive tree in a terra cotta pot.





Photo of Gabriele showing us her "Angels' Gate" archway

The arch in this picture I call “Angels’ Gate.” It is fully wrapped in wisteria that blooms throughout the summer, if I water it well. 

I also grow lots of rosemarie, lavender and yarrow. These plants are very “forgiving.” They can take hot, dry and windy weather.


I keep many of my plants in large posts so I can take them under cover during the cold season. We get lots of beautiful snow up here. If you read my book “Rosabella” you know how much I love not only flowers, but also snow…


’til next time,