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The mission of the Profant Foundation for the Arts, to assist developing artists of all ages, is founded on the belief that as we support the lives of several artists, they will enrich the lives of countless other people.


Our non-profit organization has a tradition of creating scholarships named for individuals who have made a difference in our lives and those of our donors. Since 2000 we have funded hundreds of scholarships totaling over $250,000 for developing artists of all ages. Recipients have used the funds in a variety of ways: to publish a book, sing in Europe, intern as a dancer in New York, complete a solo art exhibit, attend a writer’s conference, and much, much more.


Where would artists be without you to applaud their music, cherish their paintings, and drift into delight as they dance? And what would our community be without the performing and visual artists?


We are blessed to have the opportunity to share such a beautiful work as “Rosabella” with the world,  both the book and the ballet, and in turn “Rosabella” will help us to give scholarships in the future. A portion of the proceeds from the sale and licensing of all “Rosabella” products will go directly to support our scholarship fund.


And so we invite you to enjoy the beautiful world of this timeless fairy-tale, and know that as you support this body of work, your gift will help to support developing artist in the future.


The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts
Helping artists on their voyage…
A nonprofit 501c3 organization Fed.Tax Id: 95-4788503


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